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The town of Čakovec is situated almost in the centre of Međimurje. The old Romans located their resting-place Aquama (wet town) in this area. The 13th century cronicles have a record of the timber “Čakov tower”,  as a precursor to  today’s town and its name. The Zrinski family, together with other rulers in the 16th and the 17thcentury turned the tower into an unconquerable and sumptuous wasserburg (a castle encircled by a moat) around which a free royal city was about to emerge. Surrounded by the park and its green leaves, the historical centre has been preserved until the present day. Around this core, a town made to human measure has emerged. Excellent communications, the most modern infrastructure, beautiful horticulture, economic progress, a dynamic cultural and sports life – all of these contribute to a cosy living of about twenty thousand inhabitants. Besides the historic core, the tourists are presented with an excellent gastronomic offer, swimming pools, various sports fields, rich night life and interesting occasions throughout the year.

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