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The Tradition Road

In Međimurje, handicrafts used to be one of the most important means of survival. However, at the same time they were a medium for an artistic expression of the “common” people. The best way to experience the county’s rich heritage is by following the “Tradition Road”. The road connects a dozen of workshops presenting traditional handicrafts (potter,  weaver in a loom, woodcarver, gardener in a traditional garden, weaver, carnival mask carver, traditional cuisine chef, river miller). By a prior telephone appointment, visitors can have a look around the workshop and at the same time they can get actively involved in the crafts (individually or in a group) by making a souvenir or an useful item with their own hands. At the centre of  the tradition road there is a “Gallery & Educational Centre whose collection presents a history of handicraft tradition in Međimurje. Both the “Road” and the buildings are marked by tourist signs.

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