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Hunting and fishing

The entire Međimurje is covered with hunting areas carefully managed by the local hunting associations. The feathered gamebirds are predominant in the hunting-grounds, for example pheasants, partridges, wild geese and ducks. Rabbit and deer game huntings also make an interesting experience. The hunting associations provide excellent hunting preparations together with the accompanying logistics.

In Međimurje, over 12,250 acres of fishing waters are available for sport fishing. The most attractive microlocations are the following ones: the hydroelectric power plant canal near Donja Dubrava, “Marina” near Prelog, the “Zrinski” canal near Kuršanec, gravel pits near Ivanovec and Turščišće, backwaters of the river Mura near Križovec and Žabnik, the bed of the river Mura  from Novakovec to Podturen, near Kotoriba, the mouth or the small river Trnava into the Mura near Goričan. The most common fish living in the abovementioned, as well as in many other waters are: tench, crucian carp, chiton, crucian carp, trout-perch, catfish, pike, asp, chub, carp, amur, bream, nose carp, barbel and others. The fishing licence is obtainable at the fishing associations and fishing tackle shops.

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